Food Delivery: Standard Practices:

1.cancellation fee

     1.1 Canceled the order after the driver accepts the order within 10 minutes.

2. Charged a cancellation fee for $15

2.1 Canceled the order when the driver is heading to the delivery location.

2.2 Charged a cancellation fee for $15 and the food price


Meal Prep

All selections and payments for meal prep are due by the Friday prior to the Monday delivery date, If the selections and payments are not made we (Duality Vegan Cafe LLC) will assume that the customer will not be ordering for the week resulting in a skipped delivery.

All customers will enter a contract of at lease 90 days of consistant meal prep, if a week of meal prep is missed per the contract the customer will assess a additional $25 charge for reevaluation of service and delivery.


If a customer has to pause meal prep for vaction or family emergenciess etc, there will be a $75 holdong fee charged to hold the customers spot.